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Universiteitssingel 60

The elongated, six-storey building at Universiteitssingel 60 was added to the Randwyck complex as the third section of the city wall for the ‘Medizinische Kleinstadt’ (‘medical district’) in 2005. Together with the buildings at Universiteitssingel 40 and 50, it forms a north-south city wall, with one side of the wall facing the motorway and the other side facing the ‘medical district’.

Universiteitssingel 60 stands out from the other buildings for two reasons: it houses an academy for midwives under the auspices of the Zuyd University of Applied Sciences and it has a plaster façade.

The building has a reception desk, where students, staff and visitors receive a warm welcome.

A noteworthy feature is that a part of the rural landscape was retained on the eastern side of the building: a line of chestnut trees. In this way, the building is more connected to the four seasons than the other buildings.

With just the press of a button, students, employees and visitors can fill up on free water from the WML water tap located in the forecourt of the building.

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