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Tongersestraat 6

In 1725, the city council combined the houses standing at Tongersestraat 6–8 to create a Commander’s House. The house was constructed in Mosan Renaissance style, as can be seen from the colourful effect of the three building materials used on the façade: the dark-red or red-brown brick, the yellowish marl and the grey-blue bluestone. During the French period, the building was used as a criminal court. In 1811, it became an official court of the Meuse-Inférieure département and, later, of the Province of Limburg. UM purchased the property in 1986, after it had served as the location of the Netherlands Credit Bank for the previous thirty years.

Since 2012, the Service Science Factory has been housed in the former Commander’s House, where there are now 26 office spaces, 3 meeting rooms and 2 classrooms. Given that the Service Science Factory was to be the occupant, the building was renovated in 2012 with the primary goal of making it into a sustainable, environmentally friendly and energy efficient multifunctional building. For instance, ‘climate mats’ – integrated climate systems – have been installed in the walls to regulate the temperature in the building. As a result, radiators are no longer necessary. The renovation also involved the removal of all light partitions and the non-historic elements, as well as major alterations such as extending the main staircase up to the attic and replacing the sun room at the rear of the house.

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