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Tongersestraat 53

This former Jesuit monastery will always evoke memories among UM pioneers, as it was here, in September 1974, that the first 50 students began their first academic year at what was the country’s eighth medical school. The official opening of the university took place later, on 9 January 1976. The monastery was used by the university to accommodate the medical faculty. For a long time, the chapel served as the auditorium. In 1985, the building was re-purposed for use by the School of Business and Economics. Architect Jo Coenen built a 500-seat lecture hall, a large cafeteria and moved the entrance to the basement-level near the car park. In 2002, the complex was once again renovated. This involved changing the colour scheme of the interior, expanding the number of lecture halls and moving the reception desks of Facility Services and the School of Business and Economics to the main entrance. The FS desk is the reception desk, where students, employees and visitors receive a warm welcome.

Major maintenance work on the building began in 2014. Among other things, the roof was replaced, making Tongersestraat 53 the university’s first nationally listed building to have new roofing. In the near future, a monument to Mr Tans – co-founder of the university – and UM’s 40th anniversary will be placed at the main entrance.
The building now has numerous facilities, including the express supermarket Fast Forward, or FFWD>>, the university restaurant Mensa, partially covered bicycle parking for students and visitors, a nearby covered and lockable bicycle shed for employees and a car park next to the main entrance. Various lecture halls (Aula, Collegezaal and Ad Fundum) can be rented for educational purposes by contacting Servicepoint FS.

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