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Tongersestraat 49

The Neven residence, located at Tongersestraat 49, is a large mid-17th century house with a broad corniced façade and a segmental entrance and windows made of limestone from the Namur region in modern-day Belgium. The building also has a carriage entrance and Louis XV ornamentation in the side panels of the profiled door frame of the pedestrian entrance. Inside, the building features a Louis XV staircase and neoclassical mantelpieces.

The building was purchased by UM in 1985 to accommodate the fast-growing School of Business and Economics, which at the time was part of the Faculty of Economic Science and Business. Prior to the move, the interior of the building – in particular, a number of painted ceilings – was restored. The garden was also redesigned and connected to the garden and car park of the building at Tongersestraat 53. In 1995, the university decided that it would provide accommodation to the Academy of Architecture. For this purpose, the garage at Tongersestraat 49 was connected to the rear of the building at Tongersestraat 43, which had served as the printing office until mid-1993.