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Sint Servaasklooster 39

In 1996, UM purchased the building at Sint Servaasklooster 39 as an office building for General Services (the services that include the current service centres), after which it was used to house the Language Centre. The building is now occupied by the Department of Knowledge Engineering (DKE) of the Faculty of Humanities and Sciences.

The nationally listed building was originally built by a canon of the Sint Servaas chapter, probably in the second half of the 18th century, but it was renovated on various occasions over the course of the 19th century. The house was built out of beech in two structures, with a central corridor serving to connect the garden to the street. The elegant 19th-century stairs are original. The striking garden house with a fireplace and tiled hearth is also from the 19th-century.

In the past, this building’s attic was rearranged to make the space suitable for the robot laboratory. In 2015, the baluster stairway was renovated. The baluster stairway outside was renovated by means of a technique from Noord-Holland that has only be applied at two other locations in Maastricht.