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Minderbroedersberg 4-6

UM’s administrative offices are housed in a former Franciscan monastery, ‘Tweede Minderbroedersklooster’, which dates back to 1699. When the university moved onto the premises in 1999, the monastic complex had experienced its fair share of history. After the Franciscans were forced to leave the monastery during the French period, the building served as a poorhouse, a prison, a courthouse and, finally, as military police barracks. In the conversion into an administrative building, the complex’s complicated, layered architectural history was kept intact. The original spatial layout of the monastery was restored. This was done by removing most of the intermediate storey, while retaining a loft with office spaces on either side. The monastery courtyard was restored to its original size after the demolition of a cellblock. The university’s main hall (‘Aula’) now occupies the spot where the church choir once stood and where the military police once kept their horses. Modern stained glass windows have added a brilliant artistic flare to the building.

The parking facilities were also modified and new bicycle racks were added during the renovation.
In 2014, the adjacent building (6a) was made suitable for instruction, with six classrooms designated for use by the Maastricht Science Programme of the Faculty of Humanities and Sciences.

Rooms in the building are not only for use of the Executive Board; it is also possible for UM staff and external clients to rent rooms, including the Aula, ‘Grote Coronakamer’ and ‘Refter’. To do so, please contact Servicepoint FS.

Lastly, the building has a reception desk, where students, staff and visitors receive a warm welcome.

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