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Grote Gracht 86a-86b

The Faculty of Arts and Social Sciences has occupied the premises at Grote Gracht 86A–86B since 2011. It is a nationally listed building that is described as a ‘17th-century house with a corniced façade, borders, mouldings and cornerstones’. Unfortunately, not much is known about the long history of the building and its occupants, but it is clear that it consists of an entrance hall and rear structure and housed a hardware shop (‘ijzerhandelaar Frederiks’) in the 1970s. Prior to its purchase by the university, the building served as a Centre for Integrated Healthcare.

It is now used by the university as office space and classrooms. Bandito Espresso City Center’ is also located nearby, at Grote Gracht 90–92. This is one of our coffee bars, which offers delicious coffee and tea specialities and other refreshments. Bandito provides direct access to the beautiful courtyard, with its grapevines and aromatic herbs; incidentally, this courtyard was the brainchild of Bandito and students. In the summer of 2014, a wall was again erected in this garden, which produces a beautiful display of light thanks to the embedded coloured bottles. The staircase in the rear of the building next to Bandito dates back to the late Middle Ages, i.e. the 15th century.

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