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Grote Gracht 82

After 1996, it became clear that further expansion in the southwestern section of the city centre was no longer possible. Accordingly, UM began exploring the possibility of expanding into the northwestern section of the city centre. This resulted in the purchase of the property at Grote Gracht 80–82.

Grote Gracht 80–82 is the former canons house of the Soiron brothers. The ‘urban palace’ was built for the brothers in the fourth quarter of the 18th century and frequently changed hands over the course of the 19th and 20th centuries. The building was purchased by UM in 1999. During its most recent renovation, as much of the original design as possible was left intact. No changes were made to the Soirons’ street-front design, but the rear construction from 1980 underwent a number of modifications. A doorkeeper’s post was also installed under the historic staircase.

Since 2004, the former canons house has provided accommodation for the Faculty of Arts and Social Sciences. There is also a reception desk in the building. The receptionists receive all visitors and are available to assist UM staff and students.